7.11 Occupational Safety

Section 1.10 of SICPs remains applicable to COVID-19 individuals.

Occupational risk assessment guidance specific to COVID-19 is available.

PPE is provided for occupational safety and should be worn as per Tables 1 and table 2.

7.11.1 Vehicle sharing for all staff

Wherever possible, car sharing should be avoided with anyone outside of your household or your support bubble.  This is because the close proximity of individuals sharing the small space within the vehicle increases the risk of transmission of COVID-19.  All options for travelling separately should be explored and considered such as;

However, it is recognised that there are occasions where car sharing is unavoidable such as:

Where car sharing cannot be avoided, individuals should adhere with the guidance below to reduce any risk of cross transmission;

Adherence with the above measures will be considered should any staff be contacted as part of a COVID-19 contact tracing investigation.