7.8 Safe Management of Linen

All linen should be handled as per section 1.7 of SICPs – Safe Management of Linen.

Linen used on patients/individuals who are in the high risk category should be treated as infectious. Following local risk assessment/ and there is no confirmed outbreak in the setting laundry can be processed as normal.

Provided curtains around examination bays have no visible contamination and are kept tied back when not in use, they may remain insitu however regular curtain change regimes should be in place and when changed, curtains should be treated as infectious linen.

Where care providers are supporting individuals with laundering in the community, If the individual does not have a washing machine, the laundry items for those in the high risk category should be bagged, held for 72 hours before being taken to a public launderette.

Care at home staff who manage linen in the individual’s own home should wash linen as normal unless the individual is in the high risk category.  In this instance, any linen belonging to the individual should be washed separately from others living in the same household.

Community Health and Care Settings with their own in-house laundries may also refer to National guidance for safe management of linen in NHSScotland for more information.

See section 7.13 for staff uniforms.